Involving children as researchers at multiple stages of the design process.

Co-research can support agency and responsibility and by allowing kids to influence the outcome. It can help kids understand diversity by helping them reflect on what is around them.

Design phase: it can be used across the different stages of the process


Fenne Van Doorn @TU Delft (NL)
Co-researching to design services for the local community (e.g. playground, library, …)

  • Continuity in the process and relationship amongst participants and with the researcher
  • Iterative Prepare-Do-Reflect cycles
  • Seeing things coming to life

Janne Matikainen, Mun juttu ESR project
Participatory documentation. Creating a safe atmosphere for youth in challenging phases of life to open up and share their motivations.

  • Giving children and youth tools to express themselves and document where they find intrinsic motivation and sense of empowerment.
  • Communicate the researchers through actions the tipping points which change the young person’s role from passive to active.