D4CR Stories

The Children’s Design Guide in Action

This is a selection of stories and how-tos by different designers and companies,
who use the Children’s Design Guide in their everyday work.

“We let our Play Design master students familiarize themselves with the D4CR guide, as a part of a course in child-centred design for play.”

“At Bringing Technology Education, our education team and curriculum designers have been using the key principles 1.3 to guide the development of our content”og

“As a Design studio, ethics is in our core values, especially when we are designing products and experiences for children”

We started with our D4CR guidelines and created our own 5 design principles for our team now we are co-working these with all the others digital designers in LEGO to make them a global Lego thing”

“At Wearabouts/Illustration Lab We have followed the Guide as much as possible considering the project size and budget to implement a certain number of tests. We are still using it as we follow a test cycles approach”

“We use them on many different projects in our classes.”

“At Ledon Play, we use children as part of our design for play and insist on the qualities of co-creation, collaboration and play always is made from the perspective of the participants”

We localize our apps to 12 common languages. We make buttons big enough. We make sure we have a images and backgrounds with high contrast. We do not save or share any personal data about our users.”

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