Principle 1

Gather and respect children’s views

“Let me show you how I live my life and what is important to me.”
(Girl, 9 years old, Finland)

“I am and I can, so take my ideas in account first.”
(Karolin, 11 years old, Estonia)

  • Children have the right to participate in their communities and have influence on topics that matter to them.
  • Conduct ethical research with children to learn about their views and experiences.
  • Make sure to get both the guardian’s and the child’s consent to participate.
  • Make sure children’s input is implemented in your design.
  • Children’s friends, parents, teachers, and communities also care about your product or service, so include them in the process as well.
  • Get input from experts in children’s well-being, needs and age specific development, and include up-to-date research from a range of disciplines.

Links to the UN Rights of the Child:
The Right to Development & The Right to Participate

RESOURCES: Design for Inclusion

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